Online & In Studio Drum Lessons with Michael Behlmar

Planet Drums is a state-of-the-art studio ready to maximize your learning experience.  Its online setup has 3 cameras, digital audio, and screen sharing to enhance customized instruction.  A video recording of every lesson is provided for future reference.  My approach emphasizes practice tips, coaching feedback, and fun with your favorite songs to get – and keep – your musical journey on track.

Planet Drums
Planet Drums

Maximize Practice

Always know exactly what to work on!  Set goals that make the most of your practice time.  My structured methods and approaches represent 35-plus years of studying with the very best -- and are proven to get results faster.

Planet Drums

Receive Coaching

Between lessons, reach out to ask me anything -- and that includes personal feedback on your videos!  I am here for your musical journey.  My support of your progress is dependent on our communication.

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Learn Favorite Songs

Experience the fun!  Tell me your favorite song, and we can create a detailed breakdown that has you playing it faster than you thought possible.  Apply ear training and sight reading skills for various eras and styles.

Drum Lesson Vault

Focus on topics of interest and techniques you need the most.

All lessons are structured from beginner to advanced.

 To schedule online or in studio lessons, please go to the Store.

The Store also offers exclusive membership, my longstanding publication "Applied Syncopation," and practice pads made personally by me.


Michael is giving my son the tools he needs to learn the drums. He is friendly and professional and a skilled player.

Rebecca B.

My son has been taking lessons for several months now and it has been the best experience. My son is in High School and was looking for someone to challenge him and to make lessons fun and enjoyable. He has had other lessons in the past and this by far, has been the best. He challenges my son to learn new styles of music and is very flexible on lesson times.

Karen Baumgartner

As the daughter of Michael Behlmar, I can say that he is an excellent teacher and father. He has taught me drums for years, and I have enjoyed learning how to play. He even coached me for my school’s talent show. I have seen him teach students of all ages and skill levels, and they also enjoy working with him. He is a dedicated musician who offers flexible hours, cares about his students, and now also offers lessons on Zoom.



Mikayla Behlmar

I'm 63 years old and Mike said he could make me a rock star and has put me on the path to become just that. The lessons I've taken have been professional, but lighthearted and friendly. Mike takes the time to make sure I understand the lesson,how it relates to the "big picture" of becoming a better drummer, and provides other useful reference material. An overall positive experience with the outcome I expected. I have gotten into a band and have recently performed in public. Planet Drums....ROCKS!!!

William Berkley

Mike Behlmar was my son's drum instructor starting when he was nine-years old. Mike gave him a solid foundation of skills that continue to benefit him 14 years later. Additionally, Mike is the drummer for the Bobby BlackHat Band and his skill and talent helped propel us to the finals of the International Blues Challenge. Mike is both a seasoned live performer and an outstanding session drummer for the recording studio. I give him my highest recommendation!

Bobby BlackHat

Michael Behlmar is a knowledgeable, patient and thoughtful teacher who supports my love for drumming. I enjoy his balanced approach to rudiments and drum kit, reflecting how rudiments happen in the songs we like--although rudiments can be like vegetables (not everyone's favorite) they are what makes drumming easy and fun to do! Michael's passion for drumming goes back to the days when he earned his degree in percussion (learning from Joe Morello, Steve Smith, Joe and Jeff Porcaro, among other legends) and continues to this day with lessons from Dom Famularo. Additionally, through Michael's experience as a musician (he plays in several highly-reputed local bands) I am beginning to understand how to modulate my drumming when playing with other musicians. In general, learning and becoming better at drums is a process that (regardless of age: kids or adults; regardless of technology: youtube or books; regardless of experience: beginner or advanced) hugely benefits from the guidance and motivation of a passionate teacher like Michael. We are lucky to have a gifted musician and teacher like him in Hampton Roads.

Roberto Flores

Mike's a great teacher, as well as a great player, and has a really strong and varied background in drums and instruction. Very easy to work with and very encouraging! Not every good drummer is necessarily a good teacher, but Mike seems to be equally great at both. I'll be working with him for a long time to come!

Jeff H.

Mr. Behlmar is an amazing instructor, I started taking lessons from him when I was in elementary school and to this day I still implement all of the techniques he has taught me. At 28 years old I find myself even teaching those same techniques to any percussion assemble I work with. So if you are looking for quality instruction that will take your playing to greater heights he is the man to go to.

Brian Heyward

Planet Drums is awesome! I am a guitarist and my 13 year old son wanted to learn drums so I found Planet Drums on the internet as we were new to the area. Mike did not disappoint. He has a reasonable hourly rate and his expertise is second to none. Even more impressive is the fact that he knows how to teach kids as well. This is a rare talent in music. It is hard to keep kids interested, but Mike did it. My son says he clearly communicates at a level he understands and blends the right amount of rudimentary skills, music theory, and trap set skills that keeps my son interested and improving each lesson. I definitely recommend Planet Drums for anyone at any skill level who wants to learn or get better as a musician and drummer!

Jefferson McBride

My 13 year old son has been taking drum lessons from Mike Behlmar, once a week for 30 minutes for about 4 months. My son went from not playing at all to being able to play several songs in such a short time. He tells me Mike is a great teacher and explains things in such a way that he understands. If you are looking for a drum instructor, I would highly recommend Mike Behlmar at Planet Drums.

Tammy McBride


Andrew N.

I have been taking lessons from Mike for several years, recently increasing my lesson time from one half hour per week to one hour. I have found Mike very knowledgeable as a drummer, a true professional. As a teacher is he outstanding also – he is very patient when needed, but also knows when and where to “push” to get skill growth. He has a talent for breaking down something seemingly complex into smaller understandable pieces, and thus making it learnable. My experience with him has been excellent, and I heartily recommend him to young drummers, and to older individuals, like myself.

Randy Phillips

I would highly recommend Mike Behlmar for anyone who is looking to learn how to play drums…no matter what skill level you are at.

When our 7 year old son showed an interest in learning to play drums, we were fortunate to have been referred to Mike by a good friend at our church who played in the worship band. Our friend said that he himself had taken advanced lessons with Mike and he knew that Mike was very good at teaching at any skill level, beginner on up.

Mike has always been very patient and encouraging to our son on learning the basics of playing drums. He has been able to not only teach the basics but, he has done it in a way that was both entertaining and instructional at the same time. Our son loves to play and actually enjoys practicing! You can’t say that about most kids learning an instrument!

Mike has introduced various types of music in his instruction…anything from Rock, Blues, R&B, Oldies, etc. Our son has been able to learn the basics and has been able advance beyond the basics in playing these various styles of music.

Our son is 9 now and he is still taking lessons from Mike and he continues to improve in his ability to play drums. It has been a joy to see him grow and develop in his skills and still be challenged and encouraged to enhance his drumming skills.

If you or your kids want to learn how to play drums, or if you are wanting to “step up to the next level” in your skills and you would like to learn from someone who has the ability to teach, and who loves to teach…then you need to contact Mike Behlmar.

Jennifer Powell

We love Mike! My 10 yo son has been rocking with him for almost a year. My son always looks forward to his lessons and really looks up to Mike. He's patient and super talented.
Son wants to add: "Mr. Mike is AWESOME! The BEST!"

Nikki Carlsen Victorio

Mike Behlmar is an accomplished drummer and an exceptional teacher! Both of my sons have been taking drums from him for over 2 years. It has been a truly positive experience on all levels! Mike is genuine, helpful and accommodating. He always goes the extra mile for my kids! They have both significantly improved to the extent that even other parents and strangers approach me to praise their skills! I have nothing but admiration and I highly recommend Mike Behlmar of Planet Drums!

Cynthia White

My daughter has been taking lessons for about 6 months and went from not knowing a thing about drums to now drumming along to ACDC! Michael is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor, highly recommend!

Crystal Wood

Planet Drums features the dedicated talents of Michael Behlmar. He is a graduate of the Percussion Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California, and is currently based in Hampton Roads, Virginia. For over 35 years, he has been performing all styles of music in various bands as well as teaching private lessons to students of all ages, skill levels, and interests. His approach to drumming and percussion lessons – both in studio and online – addresses individual goals and exceeds expectations!

Planet Drums